March 7, 2012

Brian Ziegler - S/T (Almost unbelieveable AOR synth rock madness)

As most of my devoted blog followers are well aware, I often get swamped with new finds, recordings, uploadings, ebay selling, and all the rest of this stuff I do in my spare time, and I will make samples of a record to sell, and then forget to record the entirety before I ship it off. Such is the sad case with Brian Ziegler, one more record I a, really sad that I didnt atleast get the best 3 tracks from. But such is the prce you pay for following my blog. Anyway, I still think it is worth a listen, what an ungoogleable weirdo AOR synth rock madman Brian must be to have thought this would be a great album, but then some of the tracks really are totally friggin awesome. So enjoy these samples, and as it is essentially unknown, all you source guys out there, get tot work. Though its only about a 50-75 dollar record, atleast thats what I got for it.

"Nothing you could do"

"Prisms of People" (this is the closest to a fusion of minimal wave and yacht rock that may have ever been recorded.)

"You Set Me Up"

1 comment:

Exclusive Music said...

Hello Mister, can you post or send this 3 songs???
Sounds to me real killer ones, i really enjoy the Aor sounds, anyway, thanks for this hidden treasure...