May 30, 2012

Andrew E - Ober Da Bakod (The Ata Kak of the Phillipines... Almost.)

Andrew E remixes 'other movie themes' for us in freakishly weird Filipino hip-house/techno-hop/mickey mouse club meets ata kak and skeelo without a rabbit or a hat. This is somewhere between Genius and Joan Rivers on bad acid, and it's probably a hell of a lot closer to the latter, but it did kind of remind me of listening to the crown king of weird foreign cassettes, Ata Kak, for which all other bizarro tapes aspire to and fail miserably.  But until Ata puts out his second album, little treats like this will have to do. Check out his awesome 90s Sonic the Hedgehog shirt! And how interesting is his MC-ing in hybrid filipino/english.  And like Ata Kak he also has a random female voice that does completely unnecessary choruses in English, again, the Ata singers are way better. So theres just one thing left I wanna know... what films are these fantastic scores from and where can I see them?

I've decided to go ahead and post all the tracks up on here so that you can check them out before downloading a rar, because i really think this needs to be heard immediately. It's not beautiful lofi techno brilliance like Ata Kak, the comparison is not in quality, but in style and theme, and even that isn't a perfect analogy by any means, but as I am always on the look out for something like Ata, this is the closest thing I've got yet, the main difference being that it lacks earnest love songs and some mental illness.  So here are the tracks.

ROW FOUR: MANDURUGAS: PIN TSIK: IKANG MISS UNIVERSE: OBER DA BAKOD: ANG BOYFRIEND KONG GAMOL: LOOK ALAYK: KOOL ISKOOL: Which is the best? Which is the worst? And is the worst the best? A Paradox.


Holly said...

Will there be a rar? Enjoying the songs, thank you! And you made me pull out (figuratively) Ata Kak , what a great cassette thar is ;-)

transpacjackson said...

I thought this would generate a lot more comments honestly, either in disgust or reverie, but meager silence i did not expect... thank you holly, I;ve gotten to the point where the regulars check my post when it comes out, download it, toss it in the giant HD of rare gems theyve found from all over the blogosphere, and gather dust. I do the same thing too. Don't get me wrong, there is a guy that has uploaded almost every rare hip hop 12 I've ever looked for and I have utterly ransacked his blog, leaving maybe 2 comments of gratitude, but man that guy puts in some work, I really would appreciate as much feedback as possible, and I'm not looking for gratitude at all, just trying to get a feel for what people like and don't like. Do I post up too many crazy oddities? not enough sought after stuff? too much xian stuff? too much folk? Do you like the bizarre tapes? I try to post everything thats interesting really, from 1000 dollar unknown Jazz grails to 50 cent phillipino crack rap. But the comments overall have kinda been dwindling from the peak during the Paler Shade of White compilation. Maybe I should upload more custom compilations. Hmph. Well anyway, I guess I just figured something as strange as Andrew E and obscure as Kindred Spirits would generate some interest. I see the downloads, theyre not bad, but I got zero's all over the board.

transpacjackson said...

I guess I couldn't write that post without coming off sounding like a kid that got picked last in dodge ball, but really, I'm kinda at a crossroads of where I want to take the blog now, and input helps immensely, I can't help but think I should cut back on the weird tapes and up the sought after stuff, but then everyone else does that, so maybe I should create 2 different blogs, so I'm asking you now, should there be a vinyl blog and cassette blog, or just this one?

Exclusive Music said...

i didn't like enough, i mean the music is good, but the voices are horribles, conclusion, doesn't worth it.
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Tom g said...

love seeing the bizarre stuff you post, no one else really posts the crazy stuff that you post. but i also love the sought after stuff. keep it up. i dont think a second blog is really necessary.

gush said...

I just found this a year after you posted it, and while looking for any other Ata Kak tracks I hadn't heard. If anything this stands as a testament to the value of putting up up some weird stuff, and describing it in terms of what other artists you might like if you like it. I'd never visited your blog before, but suddenly have a ton of digging through it to do! I hope you haven't been discouraged. Rad that you found the tape, and better yet, were able to dig up the story of who Andrew E. is.

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Anonymous said...

call me nostalgic but i was so looking for this album.. well whether it's bad or good Andrew E's albums is what i grew up with... so i think you should put it in a rar.. please.. thanks in advance.. God bless .. if in any chance this is my email

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