May 13, 2012

Dave Rakes - Summerwine LP (1972 lounge psych funk)

More first time available on the web goodness, this time from Dallas TX's own Dave Rakes, when I saw the back cover I thought this would be another bad country lounge cover band but was very pleasantly surprised to hear some uptempo funky psych dirges on many of the tracks.  I think if these would have been original compositions it would be worth a lot more, but as it is it remains in the realm of cover band goodness.  Lots of funky drums, keyboard banging, wah wah guitars and very bad singing. Yay

Dave Rakes - Summerwine LP


spencejw said...

thrilled to find your link and recently able to hear Jimmy Spencer's drum solo from this album on you tube... by the way he's my dad!

Anonymous said...

Funky funky funky!! Fantastic drums!!
All the tracks are of a good sound quality except my favourite - 'Ode to Billy Joe'
I am doing a 'just for fun' comp of groovy tunes and would like to include this one.. Is there any chance of a reup of this track at a higher bitrate if possible? You will be the first to get a copy of the comp once done!! Email me @
Many thanks!!

Anonymous said...

The Bass player is now a TV Evangelist in Louisiana said...

Does anyone have this album of Dave Rakes Summerwine for sale?
And if so, is it in good shape?

Michael Finger said...

Hi, JWSpence. I worked with your father for a short while in a band effort backing David Rakes. Enjoyed the experience quite a lot. Corny! But all very decent people to be around.
This was in the mid 1970's, so of course it's ancient history now, but, I've often wondered Jimmy, and Dave, both are doing these days. Hope all is well.

Paul Tagliaferri said...

@claraheinz57: I have a Sealed Mint copy of this lp. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks, Paul

spencejw said...

Copy still available? Dad in hospice and leaving us soon. Thanks!