May 20, 2009

A latin burner for you from me and Little Joe

Here we have a selection from an LP by Little Joe y La Familia - Total. (Buena Suerte 1041.) 1973. I found this record at a flea market and it had a tiny chip in the side, but it was only a buck. I was thinking, hmm, Little Joe stuff that's early is usually pretty sought after for its latin soul/funk flavor. Most commonly the Brown Stuff album and Little Joe and the Latinaires. I've heard them both, and let me tell you, this album, TOTAL, is slllllept on like mad, probably because it only has 1 track thats worth spinning, but damn it's worth spinning. Starts out with some standard jazzy funk tejano horn sounds and stuff, but then, it opens up into a hammond electric piano fuzz guitar horn bongo trap set monster jam. I mean why the hell has no one ever mentioned this track before in all my reading of this kinda stuff. Man! Raw Nasty Fuzz verb latin funk jamming with really impressive instrumentation and playing at a super level. Anyway I'll stop ranting and give you the link. Oh and if you're wandering, the rest of the album sounds nothing like this, it's good, but it's straight tejano/conjunto stuff.

B4: Anna (6:59) [ Little Joe y La Familia - Total. ]

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thanks you please full lp saludos