May 30, 2009

A little Harold Mckinney action for you...

This is the Harold Mckinney album Voices and rhythms of the creative profile. 1974. Tribe Records. It has been reissued on cd and vinyl, but they're still fairly hard to come by, and before that it was a very rare gem indeed. There are a couple snoozers on here, but the highs make up for the lows, and it works really well as a whole, lovely spiritual jazz in a deep soulful vein, complete with wicked experiementation and classic bop stylings. Staple tribe musicians like marcus belgrave and wendell harrison show up, among others. Also some wicked moog jams. Here is some bio info on the man:
Jazz pianist Harold McKinney was a driving force in Detroit's jazz scene in the '40s on through the new millennium. McKinney was inspired to study classical music as a child by his mother, Bessie Walon McKinney, an organist. He was converted into a jazzman when he walked into an ice cream shop and heard Charlie Parker on the juke box playing bebop on the alto sax. After graduating from Detroit's Northwestern High School, McKinney continued onto Morehouse College in Atlanta. He returned home when he became disenchanted with the college's bias beliefs towards European music. He briefly attended Wayne State University and served in the Army during the early '50s in Germany. The pianist played all sorts of jazz from bop to boogie woogie and worked with many greats including Kenny Burrell, John Coltrane, and Wes Montgomery and toured to cities around the world. Fellow musicians have credited McKinney with helping to keep jazz in Detroit's musical forefront when trends in popular culture threatened its livelihood. The pianist was also a teacher, appearing on instructional videos and giving private lessons and weekly workshops at Detroit's SerNgeti Ballroom. In 1990, McKinney received the Jazz Master award from Arts Midwest for lifetime achievement. In 1995, he toured Africa and the Middle East with his band, the Jazz Masters. In May of 2001, McKinney entered the hospital after a stroke, returning to teach his SerNgeti workshop a week later. Shortly after, he was readmitted to the hospital due to the first in a long series of strokes. McKinney underwent surgery but passed away due to a stroke-induced coma on June 20, 2001. He gave his final performance on June 10 at the semiannual Jam & Bread student showcase for the ballroom workshops. -From all music.

Harold Mckinney - Voices and Rhytms of the Creative Profile. Tribe. 1974.


Malaki the Most Hi said...

Peace and blessings, I dig your blog, dope joints!
BUT, Norton discovered a virus of some sort in this particular folder.

Double check it and clean it up.

Thanks for the gems Fam.


Transpac Jackson said...

Whoa, thanks Malaki, I am going to check into that right now.... I created the rar myself so I dont see how that would be possible but anything goes with the intewrweb I guess, until I update I guess no one please download the rar, might have been a norton fluke though because I know of atleast 20 people that have downloaded this and not had any problems.

JazzDoIt said...

Thanks for posting great music. Can I have the password for this one? To decompress the file, I've been asked for a password. I can't see that one in your blog.

JazzDoIt said...

I found the password guessing from the info in your blog.

About the virus. The htm biography file has the problem. My antivirus deleted that one, everything else is perfect.

I am curious if there is one song (Dolphin Dance) missed from the original LP. If you have that one, Could you post it?. You could see the LP info here:

There is a CD reissue with two bonus tracks, Does anybody have this one to post?

JazzDoIt said...

The CD reissue had been found...jejeje sorry leave messages all the time.

Give some thanks to vesper from:

Note: Download the RS files from one of the last comments.

Transpac, Much gratitude to you for introducing me to the great Tribe!!!

alphabet said...

U killin me, this is one of my new fave blogs. Keep it up!!!

tony said...

Just discovered your blog - i love it! thank you... just downloaded Harold McKinney but its giving me "unable to unacrchive". Any suggestions? Thank you

CheapCologne said...

What is the password? love the blog

transpacjackson said...

So there seems to be some controversy over this, I can't speak for the 'bad file' as mentioned above, it isnt a virus though, it is a corrupted file, nothing bad but on certain unzipper/unrars it might cause an error, I really cant fix that but the password should be 'transpacjackson' and I would probably download the CD version that the fellow listed above, unless you are ultra purist and just gotta have the vinyl.