May 3, 2009

FEATURE ALBUM FROM UPCOMING TOP 200 LIST!!! Veron Wray - Wasted (1972)

This massive bad mofo gem is insanely rare and I have no idea how I even came across this but it is one of the most overlooked and unheard of song writer/country/folk/private/acid/loner style stuff ever. Simply gorgeous song cafting and with minimal production means, like a shack with a 3 track and some dusty old instruments. This is Link Wray's older brother Vernon Wray. Apparently Vernon is to the Wray family/group what Dennis Wilson is to the Beach boys /Wilson's family. Like Pacific Blue, it was Vernon's last opus before dying, and like Dennis, Veronon was a very torturted man. But unlike Dennis Wilson, ALMOST NO ONE has heard this album. I hope to shed some light on this fellow's brief but supremely underrated career. This album might take a few listens to really appreciate, and yes there are a few moments that are "dated" or the lyrical themes are somewhat "cheesey" to some, I disagree but I can see how one might think so, but a few tracks are absolutely breath taking, okay that was kind of a lame cliche but damn it, its good. Of course, Link Wray is featured heavily on guitar, and Doug Wray on Drums. It was recorded in Tucson Arizona at "Wray's Shack Three Track." Recorded and Released in 1972. Only about 400-700 copies were printed, and even less survived.

TRACKLIST *=most referenced songs
1. Facing all the same tomorrows
2. God is color blind
3. Reaching out to touch
4. Lonely Son *
5. Tailpipe *
6. When I start Drinking
7. Faces in the crowd
8. Prologue
9. Sycamore Tree
10. Prison Song

Grab this while it lasts, or vernon will smash whiskey bottles on your face.


Bobby said...

Hey HLS -

I was wondering if you could re-up the Vernon Wray album that you originally posted in May of 2009.

Really enjoy reading all your thoughts regarding these albums.

Would also love to see a "Best of HLS" list from you some time soon!

ryanb said...

Oh man, I missed this. Re up? Please!?!?

ryanb said...

Actually, I found a link for anyone that wants it: said...

Wasted has been reissued, in vinyl by - 1000 copies, just like the original Vermillion release. Remastered with new liner notes and a copy of Vernon's original press release. A very reasonable 15 bucks. Please support 'em if you can!