May 30, 2009

SST - Soft Soul Transition (Transition Records. 1970)

Here's another very rare treat for you. This is some california pop psych / blue eyed soul with some very good song writing. Quite collectible among the private press pop psych collector's. My copy sold for $300.00 but I of course recorded the album for posterity. Strangely, the first 30 seconds of B1, an I'm a believer cover, which is one of the most boring songs on the album luckily, has a pressing defect that makes a lot of noise, otherwise the record was unplayed. So, the one real strong stand out to me is the track Move it on Down. It's almost like a Beck song actually. Great catchy riff and vocals. Oh and I am aware that another blog was hosting this recently, but I dunno how good there vinyl copy was (or if it was cd) and or the recording quality, so I hope I can offer this to those who missed it or need a premium rip. Overall, it's really not a top recommendation of mine, but it's still fun to listen to.

SST - Soft Soul Transition. Transition Records. 1970. From Bay Area.


Guapo said...

peace man, love what you're doing.
I'm being exposed to some great music because of you.

I've been looking for this Soft Soul Transition joint but there is a password to for it.
please email me if you don't mind.

Thanks and peace.

rob geary said...

what's the password? :(

Curtis said...

The password is: transpacjackson

I wrote it in a few posts previous sorry, i dont do pw anymore bc it causes so much frustration sometimes, even though it sort of prevents the mass distrubition of my shit.

transpacjackson said...

Man I hate when people password stuff now, but yeah the PW is transpacjackson

I dunno why I talked this down so much, there is a fucking killer song on this album, it seriously sounds like Beck 30 years too soon. Enjoy.