May 26, 2009


Okay so I noticed my posts are getting more random as far as material but I get really bored with only putting up the same kind of stuff, so here is a delightful treat that is near impossible to come by, outside of the 24 hours of throbbing gristle cd collection, but this is from the original master tape recording of the Throbbing Gristle live concert in Manchester at the Factory, 1979. It predates the 20 jazz funk greats album style and to me is the high point of the second annual report style of throbbing gristle, which I find to be there best studio album, but at times where that album sounds slightly forced or pretentious, though I still think it's incredibly important and extremely well done, this live recording is so natural and raw. Industrial jizm spewing out of the speakers at 200 decibels. Truly, they are a live band if ever there was one. It has a very surreal warmth to its mechanical coldness. Which is a beautiful thing to accomplish. I have not heard all of the IRC live recordings, but so far I like this one the most. Okay, 20 jazz funk greats is lovely and all, but let's be honest... THIS is throbbing gristle, and this is TBs legacy.

Throbbing Gristle - Live at the Factory, Manchester. 1979. IRC:20.

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