November 11, 2011

Conrad Schnitzler - Contra-Terrene (1987) Cassette

Not much introduction needed for this awesome find. This is a late era Conrad Schnitzler (of Cluster fame) full length cassette only release. It's not the most beautiful music he made, but its very interesting experimental stuff and most certainly needs to be heard for anyone into the history of krautrock, prog rock, new york avant garde, or early electronic fans. It's quite rare but I couldn't believe this wasn't readily available on the net being Schnitzler, but here it is now. More awesome tape releases to come, look out.

Okay, I know the Conrad tape can be kinda daunting, especially since there are no tracks, just continuous sides of experimental noise blurbs, so I have pulled out selections from my 3 favorite blurbs for you to hear:

Contra-Terrene. 1987. New York Private Pressed Cassette.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for this ... and more to come? Awesome news.


john said...

Thanks so much for the Schnitzler. I'm somewhat familiar with his catalog, but never even heard of this release. Looking forward to what else you've got!

Anonymous said...

download link does not work:/

Anonymous said...

Thanks !

can you post
Conditions of the Gas Giant ?