November 22, 2011

Ultra Tape Find: The Whip Pets - S/T (6 track Demo)

My first true unknown minimal synth tape! This is one of Austin's few attempts at the minimal synth genre, an underground scene in Europe and the U.K. mainly, but also some in areas of California, usually more dance-oriented, and then some in Manhattan, which were usually more experimental. I must say, the french/german/italian/netherlands coldwave stuff is my favorite type because of how dark and intense it is, with especially good synth work, actually the UK is just as good really when you consider they put out gems by the likes of Solid Space and Those Attractive Magnets. Hell, Canada had it's fair share of minimal/synthpop acts too, like the unbelievably good Broken Tables 12" - Images of You. Anyway, back to Austin. I had found a couple other synthy-new wave tapes from Austin and some 7"s that have a kinda synthpunk feel, kinda like the Cardboards (if you don't have the cardboards EP, 'greatest hits vol 2' get it,) but nothing that ever approached a truly minimal synth pedigree. I'm sure there are others from Austin, and I hope I continue finding them, but this ungoogle-able gem from 1989 is one of the most exciting things I've found on tape by far. No, it doesn't reach the glorious heights of Nine Circles (again, if you dont have it, get it.) But, it's gloriously lo-fi, it's unknown, and it's from Austin, and they do have a kraftwerk inspired track called Metropolis Man... beep bloop brrp.

So here's the deal. I am still doing some behind the scenes work with this, so for a short while I can only put up some samples, but very very soon I will have the entire tape up. Besides, if you don't like it, at least this way you didn't waste time downloading the entire .rar, and if you do like it, just check back in a while and it will be here. There are 6 tracks on this release, here's 4 clips.

The Whip Pets - Metropolis Man

The Right

The Dance

Fact and Fantasy

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Holly said...

Whole thing! Whole thing! :-)