November 7, 2011

Marj Snyder - My Lifetime Now LP (Discovery Records) 1972

Quite Rare and quite excellent 1970's Christian femme-folk with mostly all the tracks written by Marj. She has a nice voice and she uses a lot of layering effects that remind me a little bit of Linda Perhacs, not near as psychedlic or experimental though. Marj doesn't seem like she would have such a cool Christian folk album based on the cover, but covers can be very misleading, as we all know. Consider the massively rare femme-folk LP by Robin, for instance. A jewel if there ever was one, delicate, ethereal vocals about the universe and lost loves mixed with off key cavernous folk strumming. But enough about Robin, this post is for Marj! The two albums are pretty similar actually, Marj is a little bit less home made and less spooky-glimmering freak folk sounding, and this has a few more obligatory traditional gospel tracks, but overall this is a very satisfying listen, and deserves high praise amongst the christian folk collectors. Go Marj.

Marj Snyder - My Lifetime Now (1972)


Heavypsychmanblog said...

Great acid folk/folk totally underrated.

Hear other great Xtian acid folkie Bob Hurd

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I've never heard of the Robin album, but your description is intriguing. Do you think you'd be able to post it at some point?

Melee said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I was scouring the web for Marj's album A Time of Peace and was sad I couldn't find it, but I mind less now that I've come across this. Your blog is great, and I am certainly going to come back again. :)