November 11, 2011

Yet another Paler Shade of White find... Ultra obscure DIY Disco track by the infamous DONDINO! (Dondino - S/T Cassette 1980)

Ohhhh yeah. Dondino goes balls out in popped collar and sequined jacket style, full force pompadour action and analogue keyboards in the coke fueled late 70s Vegas-Disco casinos with this gloriously lo-fi synth-disco version of "You'll Never Find." Reminds me a lot of the other Paler Shade of White compilation tracks that I posted up a while back. Okay, maybe a little more cheese and somewhat less 'actual' dancefloor potential, but damn it, the man can bring down the house, and with a cheap casio keyboard and budget-inn backup band no less. I love this stuff. More to come later. I'm going cassette crazy. DIY forever!

You'll Never Find:

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