November 15, 2011

No Sisters - EP (Demo Cassette 1987) New wave / synth funk

Not sure what the groups name implies really but it is basically an unknown demo tape from a group called No Sisters, from Austin, Texas. Not sure if they have any other releases, not sure of anything about them actually. I do know they have that same kind of sound as Extreme Heat, I also think it is cool that more people are getting interested in Felt Nun, though sadly this happens a while after I sell the tape, but anyway, I will repost that tape up soon for you guys. Anyway, like I was saying, this band reminds me a lot of Extreme Heat, and they both happen to be from Austin, it seems like there was some kind of small new-wave-synth-funk scene going on in central Texas in the late 80s. Isn't bad motha goose from Austin too? And of course there are bands like the Pool, which have that kind of sound, I can't think of any others at the moment, but you get the picture. Not for the feint of heart or the overly serious listener, or those afraid of indulging in a bit of campiness now and then. Long live the glittery pirate shirt and hair-sprayed man mullet with faux British accents. I think in the UK this kind of movement was akin to the New Romantic genre and the pop funk revival, epitomized in bands like ABC. I really love ABC. But whereas over there the basis was more dance-pop oriented, the traditional rock and blues structures were still employed in the Texas scene, and for that reason ABC beats the shit out of No Sisters, but, that's not to diminish the awesomeness of this tape find and it's utter obscurity. raer!

No Sisters - 4 Track Demo EP (1987 Austin, TX)

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