October 24, 2011

Da Alliance - Maintain / Spanish Fly 12" +++ Baby X Da God-Sun - Game Recognize Game 12"

Here are the other 2 indie rap 12"s I found in my box of sealed beyonce records, how 3 obscenely rare indie rap 12"s were stuck in this box of 50 identical sealed beyonce records is beyond me, but I'm glad my intuition told me to have a look at the colors that didnt match, because I found Hustlers By Choice, a gem of a Texas indie rap record, and believe me, there are very few progressive early 90s Texas indie rap 12"s, 90% sound like a bad Ghetto Boys ripoff, the other 10% are electro raps about not doing crack cocaine, a handful of love jams, and then you have your remaining chosen few, now don't get me wrong, once you pass 1992-93 there are a number of good Texas indie 12"s coming out, but anyway, beside the HBC record I also found a New York 12" by Da Alliance, and another by the zero-google-results 'Baby X Da God-Sun', I don't know if thats a really great mc name or one of the worst i've ever heard, but anyway, these other 2 12"s, though not of the glorious heights of HBC in price, are still very good and post worthy. So here they are. Btw, 'maintain' is the track you want on this 12, the flip side is pretty frightening female cholo rap.

Da Alliance - Maintain / Spanish Fly 12" with instrumentals (no label 1997)

Baby X Da God-Sun - Game Recognize Game / Instrumental 12" (1997 no label)


CrimeFamily said...

Thanks for the shares man, apreciate it, the "da alliance" 12 is from miami not new york, here is their previous 12' "Da Alliance - Live And Uncut / Fake Outa Towners" released in 1996,


they also have an album with decent tracks on it,. pz

verge said...

Thanks! Had this on an old radio tape and only found out about the record in the last year or two. Just missed getting it off your ebay auction. Thanks for the full rip, Maintain is ill, Spanish Fly is awful, heh.
Never heard the Baby X shit, thanks for sharing!