October 23, 2011

Hustlers By Choice - Can I Swing To This EP 12"

Here we have the mega find of the month for me, and with it came a couple other hiphop 12"s of note, I havent found a good random rap cache in a very very long time...

This is a very sought after Texas hip-hop 12" from Houston around 1992. Produced by DJ Pryme and MCed by Tee Money. I don't know how many copies were pressed but I know its very few, I'd guess 500, of which a lot were probably given to radio stations and subsequently lost forever. There was only one instance of this record being found and sold before, and it was a guy in Germany and he made a cool 820 dollars on a NM copy. This copy I found in a crate of Beyonce records in Temple, Texas was sadly a VG+ copy with some cosmetic problems but it sounds really great, especially for being a rather quiet recording/pressing to begin with. I wish I knew more about these guys, there is a discogs entry now, zero 'have it', if youre familiar with discogs. The music consists of 3 tracks, the third being the 'obligatory love jam' that I never quite understand why or how it fits on such a record but I do enjoy them unlike most people. The two tracks are very well produced, nice beats with a lot of layer and detail, crusty sound production that gives it a very bronx new york vibe to me, but the vocals are a real surprise, espeiclaly coming from Texas, it has a kind of Bay Area back pack rap sound, at first its kind of jarring but I got to enjoy it actually, very unique. The first track is about a crooked record executive that acts like he is your best bud while trying to sign away your life to the company, thus the title Mr. Buddy. The next track is just kind of a 1992 anthem style track with a scratched vocal chorus of "can iii swing to this, etc." Overall a very enjoyable EP, not the strongest lyricism I admit, but that 1992 vibe is in full effect.

Hustlers By Choice - Can I Swing To This EP (Houston, TX 1992) Full EP .rar


CrimeFamily said...

Hey thanks for sharing,dope 12'for a 92 release, pz

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this post! It's great record, especially 1st track.