October 7, 2011

Timothy, Bondar and Wise and... Yacht Rock? The next big obscurist scene?

*** Revised comment 10/8/11
Okay, first let me add something to what I splurged out yesterday, the only truely Yacht Rock release here is the first 7" by Timothy, that is pure unknown yacht rockness, and pretty awesome I might add, the Bondar and Wise is too uptempo but otherwise is pretty yachty, the others kinda straddle the new wave/boogie/poprock line so I included it in this post for the hell of it. And one last quip, there is no Yacht Rock collector scene at the moment, it is all a an early 80s smooth Christian pop rock scene, so I'm guessing that Yacht Rock will eventually emerge as a desirable 'hip' collector genre, and records like Timothy will sell for good money, as opposed to being utterly valueless like it is right now... so with that being said I will take you back to the original post...
So we all know that christian soft rock/aor/pop/modernsoul/crossover stuff from the late 70s to mid 80s is really hot and the market is very strong, IE Jim schmidt, David Dale, Omega Sunrise, Brown and Jackson, and all the other LPs I've posted about, in fact I just found another one which I'll be posting up soon, but what about all the stuff that is exactly like those aforementioned things but isn't about christian themes and lyrics, what of the smooth poppy 80s rock brilliance of something akin to Toto, Michael Mcdonald, Kenny Loggins, and Hall and Oates but buried and forgotten under decades of obscurity, the lost 7" singles by all the boat shoe wearing, razor cut sporting John Oates that never were. Enter Yacht Rock... At the moment even the most awesome and obscure yacht rock 7"s sell for only ten to 20 dollars, and LPs might go up to the 50 dollar range if truly awesome and obscure, everyone thought the idea of a resurgence in late 90s backpack rap was a ludicrous notion, but there it is, so anyway, I'm just pondering the possibilities here and trying to pry a bit into the future because I recently came across a few unknown yacht rockers that I really enjoyed but a market simply does not exist for them, a sad notion indeed. So here are a couple little diddies I found, theyre utterly obscure but still pretty much worthless in terms of monetary value, but I treasure them nonetheless, I also think an obscure underground 90s lofi tape/lp scene will gain some strength eventually, the kinda leftover synthpop/lofi/experimentalist leftovers, sort of in the vein of the Lizard Water release I posted.
Anyway, here's the stuffs, and it's kinda in order of purity to the genre. The first two items are completely unknown and I think fit nicely, especially Timothy, its just so yacht rocky!

Timothy - Your Love Rolled All Over Me

Bondar and Wise - You and Me

Mark Thompson - Bad One

Peter Hostage - Samples from LP

(I'm not entirely sure this is Yacht Rock, but it kinda straddles that line and era, so it fits with the theme here...)
Roy and Roe - Just Don't Come Back

(Maybe too new wavey I dunno but again it's close, it's in that no man's land...)
Extreme Heat - Lonely (previously of the incredible funk band Steam Heat, I'll post this album soon if you want)


teodormihnev said...

i need this lp very much !!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks - I'm enjoying these - there is a bit of a scene for this stuff over here in the UK - check http://aordisco.blogspot.com/ - some of it is very mainstream but they do dig out some obscurities. Also this compilation has some great soulful yacht rock including some pretty obscure stuff http://www.bbemusic.com/data.pl?release=BBE181CLP

Holly said...

Most didn't move me, but thank you for posting ...any more Mark Thompson?

transpacjackson said...

Oh, btw, I just found another copy, the third i've found, of Extreme Heat... to the fellow that asked about it, TEODORMIHNEV, if you want it its yours, 50 bucks, VG++/EX-, bada-bing.

'slangin rocks, non-stop, non-stop, slangin rocks...'

transjack pacson said...

Someone contacted me today to buy Timothy! But I don't know if I can part with my most treasured yacht rock release...

The legend of timothy just keep on growing.

Exclusive Music said...

For me Peter Hostage is the best post here after extreme heat. Wow very original Peter Hostage, soung like psichodelic modern soul lol, very original style, congratulation men, your blog on the top of the music lovers!!!.
BTW: just for curiosity, Do you like the Heavy Black Metal group "Children Of Bodom" with his release cd from 1999 "Hatebreeder"?? I want to know if i'm the only one who like heavy or trash metal, and love also the gospel bands lol mujajajaa :)

Anonymous said...

Yup, liking that.

Brody said...

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DJ EJ said...

I know this blog hasn't been active in a while, but perhaps you may still see this. Come across any other copies of that Roy & Roe album? I've been looking for it and the only place I've seen it even mentioned is your blog and AlohaGotSoul. If you know where I can buy a copy or get an mp3 download of the full album, please let me know. Thanks!