October 8, 2011

Memphis State University Jazz Band - On Tour 1970-71 LP

Here we have a return to the older style of posts I normally put up, this is an obscure and really fantastic College jazz band album that I haven't seen any other copies of anywhere, there is a few from the later years around but they aren't nearly as good. I was actually kind of shocked by how low the price was for this when I auctioned it, 30 bucks pretty much, but the breaks/beats college high school band market is pretty weak at the moment. There was a time around 2004-6 when you could sell golden era hiphop LPs that werent even that rare for mad money, houston rap was making waves in JApan, and any record that was unknown and had a break or sample on it was GOLD, especially college and highschool band stuff, my friend sold the lesser Kashmere stage band album for two thousand dollars in 04, friggin unbelievable, but the Euro/Japanese markets were clamoring for anything funky to sample, now all of those aforementioned items have cooled quite a bit, but they remain a staple record collecting genre regardless, in fact the ultra-obscurist 90s hiphop market is doing fantastically well. If you can find a 12" by a group that no one has heard and it sounds even remotely like Wutang, you are in the money. So anyway, back to this record, its really solid all the way through but especially the 2 long tracks on A and B side, I can't remember the names, there are some moments where frenetic fender rhodes keys are dancing over some heavy drum patterns and the horns are just going off, I really was impressed by this for there being very little attention or info toward it. Have a listen to the samples and see what you think, the entirety is linked below.





matt s. said...

Based on these samples, this LP should be great, thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic, but you've got what I'm assuming "La Chat" on the same track as "Mumbles." No complain from me, just lettin' you know. Thanks!

transpacjackson said...

The fact that this sold for 25 dollars auction makes me very angry. I haven't seen one sold since and it has lots of great tracks and moments, sample moments, drums, electric keys, guitars, what more do you need. I wish I never sold this or my Tulsa U jazz band record. I guess there is just too many good university jazz band records out there, cause I mean really, this is fire. 25 bucks for this level of rarity and fire?