October 23, 2011

Jonathan Hutchison - Love is Pouring Down (Cassette 1983)

Here we have an unknown cassette of 80s Lo-fi Christian folk/pop from California that has some nice moments on it, I really like the production of the tape, very basement 4 track earnestness, admittedly the lyrics could be a lot darker and more personal, and I wish there were more songs with the guitar-rhodes-bongos setup, but there's still more than enough to hold my attention, and the lyrics are pretty catchy actually they're just not my preferred style. But the fact that this tape is obscenely rare and that I think the Xian fans of my blog will enjoy it, is reason enough for me to post it. Also, for once, the cover artwork of the tape looks exactly like it sounds.

Have a listen to a sampling of the better tracks featured in this clip, there are 5 tracks here and each is about a minute long:


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Holly said...

Cheers from your resident agnostic xian fan! :-)